What We Do

We can help you with mental health, substance abuse, and court-ordered services.


Mental Health Services

Our therapists work six days a week to meet your needs with assessments, evaluations, referrals, and treatment. We see children, adolescents, and adults. We do individual therapy, play therapy, group therapy, family counseling, and couples counseling. Since most insurance plans are accepted, you save money.

Our Resolutions treatment team in Bountiful, Utah delivers the most compassionate and supportive care in an environment that respects the patient’s dignity and independence. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship problems, stress, or eating disorders, Resolutions is here to help the citizens of Davis County, Utah. We work with people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to help them to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. Whether you live in Bountiful, WoodsCross, West Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Centerville, Farmington, Salt Lake City, or Layton, we are minutes away from you.


Substance Abuse Services

Resolutions operates a Bountiful outpatient substance abuse treatment program, licensed by the state of Utah. There is nothing more disruptive to the family and the community than substance abuse. Substance abuse often contributes to accidents, decreased productivity at work, marital problems, child abuse, sexual abuse, financial problems, domestic violence, and more. We offer our help to Davis County.

Caring and effective intervention for this treatable illness can minimize, reduce, and eventually eliminate the negative impact of substance abuse and begin the long-term process of recovery. Since we are contracted with most insurance providers, you save money.

Whether the treatment is voluntary or court-ordered, our caring counselors will help you through the course of your recovery.


Court-Ordered Services

We are licensed by the state of Utah to provide court-ordered services for defendants. We promote healthy behaviors through outpatient treatment services for adults on parole/probation for a DUI, theft, domestic violence, or drug-related offense ordered by the criminal justice system. We provide case management, individual and group counseling, classes, and treatment. Participants attend various individual and group meetings and classes that will help them to move out of the criminal justice system and into a healthy, supportive lifestyle.

Addiction is a bio-psychosocial disorder, impossible to overcome without significant changes in a person’s life and environment. Therefore, we provide a treatment program that addresses all areas affecting the individual, including multiple drug addictions, involvement in the criminal justice system, lack of social support system, and mental health problems.

Since there is a bus stop across the street from us, you can easily reach us from Salt Lake City, any part of Davis County