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Samantha Dewey (she/her)

Social Work Intern

Sam is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Utah. She has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts in Medical Illustration. She has spent a year running classes regarding substance use, coping skills for anxiety and depression, and anger management. Sam has also spent time volunteering in a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter, helping people to navigate moving into a more independent and safe space.

Sam recognizes that most people at some point in their life could use some guidance or support, and she is happy to provide that. She strives to create a safe and judgment free space for clients to be able to feel heard, acknowledged, and supported. She enjoys utilizing expressive therapies such as art, to help clients sort through and process emotions and events. She uses her creative eye to help approach therapy in whatever way works best for the client.

In her spare time, Sam enjoys playing with her rescue dog and spending time with family. She has a strong love for Harry Potter and is house Hufflepuff. She can usually be found either reading or working on one of her numerous art projects.

Samantha Dewey (she/her)
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